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Saturday, September 09, 2017

Link to IRMA photo's, Saturday Sept 9th...Florida Today


All is calm....just rain, and that's a good thing! But it's early....

Went out to Christmas to get some paper products out of the rig and do a quick filming....back home to find Louis the Ringneck really enjoying his bath on the almost empty porch...

Looking like Hurricane Central....Saturday Sept 9th....

0700 Saturday....long night!

Alice is up watching MSNBC looking to see if there is any change in the storm track. Overnight it appears to have shifted to the West, so it looks like the West Coast will take the biggest hit.  But, the damn thing is so big it really doesn't matter I think...it's going up the entire peninsular. Alice just told me we're out of the "cone" so we might just get a bit lucky?

On a somber note, and this is something I hadn't even thought about (my bad) until I read it, here's an article from NPR that talks about what its like to be poor and dead in the path of the storm.  We had to look for our supplies to get well stocked up, and when the cash got low we went to the ATM and got more....some folks have NO options.  Very sad. http://www.npr.org/2017/09/08/549295524/poor-in-miami-hoping-to-ride-out-irma-on-bread-and-cans-of-tuna

0430 Saturday

Sleep is difficult.  Today is "get it in the house" day....deck stuff, plant stuff ....anything that can fly away or become a missile.