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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Our new Samsung Chromebook Plus arrived today :)

Our Samsung Chromebook Plus arrived today and we had it set up and running in like 10 minutes :).  Being an "old timer" I remember the old bad days in changing computers over...and it was NOT pretty!  This is a "convertible", i.e. Notebook and Tablet and so far I'm totally in love.  We've been using an HP Chromebook 14" and this is a lot smaller, but VERY responsive and the visuals are to die for.  I do believe Google is onto something with Chrome....so LITTLE hassle, and like Apple says...it just works :).  David and Ashley have inherited the old HP Chromebook....it took me all of 10 seconds to get it back to factory settings, and it IS just like new with the exception of a few fades on the keyboard.  So, we have this Chromebook which pretty much resides in the kitchen and is the downstairs PC.....upstairs is the Windows 10 notebook which we need to run the websites (Space Coast Sams and the HOA)....and we fill in with I-Pads ad I-Phones.  Three different OS's and different ways of dealing with information....but i'll tell you, I do believe Google is onto something with Chromebook.  No hassels, no virus issues...it DOES just do what you want it to do.

May 19th update:  Click here for my impressions on this PC after  having had it a few days....