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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Poor service from AT&T and Apple is aggravating!

I've had an I-phone since the first one (won it at Foxwoods Casino in a random drawing while I was playing penny slots)....and of all the i-phones since we never had a mechanical problem. A few weeks ago, on arising from my well-earned sleep, I went to turn on the iphone 7+ and a new software "home" button had installed overnight on the screen, and there was a note that the mechanical home button needed service. I looked at the home button (the mechanical one) and sure nuff there was a diagonal crack in it. We immediately trekked down to AT&T here in Titusville where we'd ordered the last one, and they cheerfully told me it was not their issue (under the insurance) since it was obviously a mechanical defect (the phone is 6 months old) and they told me to contact Apple. I looked up Apple for the Florida Mall, called and was told graciously that they were sorry for my troubles, and then they proceeded to make an appointment for me. When I got there the gal immediately told me "Oh, that's screen damage, and not covered. Hope you have insurance!". So, off I went BACK to AT&T and then they gave me the phone number and URL to report the claim. I went home, did that, and today (just 3 days later) rec'd me new 128GB God Iphone 7+ in the mail and have transferred everything over to the new phone, bricked the old phone, and packaged it for shipment back to AT&T.
So, long story short, all is well that ends well BUT....the entire experience was made nasty by the poor communications which necessitated an unnecessary drive of over 100 miles, the loss of time....the using up of a deductible and claim free experience when it is very obvious to ME that the actual home button, made of sapphire, was defective and SHOULD have been covered under the warrantee. Things do not usually BREAK by themselves sitting on a dresser overnight. It's enough to make you weep!