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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Life goes on!

Everything is new....everything is the same. In other words life, for all its joys and pains, marches on and we keep jogging to keep up.  Alice will be visiting an oral surgeon tomorrow to remove/repair a broken tooth and a worrisome wisdom tooth. The cats have fleas and hairballs and that's going to keep us busy vacuuming and eradicating....since we have no outside pets I'm kind of surprised this happened :(.
In more positive news I've become a pothead with the Instant Pot. Started with hard boiled eggs, rice, graduated to a whole chicken, then chicken soup....today doing Boston Baked Beans and later on an Apple Crisp.  Great technology and I'm really enjoying cooking with it.  I've been using pressure cookers (both electric and stove top) for years but the Instant Pot automates things....no waiting for the unit to come up to pressure and then manually lowering heat, watching a time or listening for jiggles. Kind of "set and forget" within reason. There is an online Instant Pot community on Facebook with several thousand members and hints, recipes problem solving solutions are posted hourly. Great stuff and I heartily recommend!!