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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Thursday morning, Hurricane Matthew on horizon...

Hurricane Matthew is scheduled to pop us good this evening and overnight.  Joanna and David cleared off the upper deck (our bedroom looks like Plantland :) ), and we've done the grocery shopping.  Lots of food on hand along with some ice, beer and wine etc.  This morning I have to go out and bring in the outside plants at risk (I have several orchids we've attached to the palm trees) and move the inside plants away from the inside of the Florida room.  It's all a bit unnerving in that we've never experienced a hurricane here, and from talking to friends and neighbors not too many have.  It seems everyone in Florida is from somewhere else.... We do have a neighbor that got hit hard here in 2004 and it cost him $175,000 in damages and 7 months in a hotel while being re-built...that is scary!!

My long delayed stress test with the VA was supposed to be this morning, but the VA has closed their Viera Clinic until Tuesday because of the coming storm. Also, our camping chapter Space Coast Sams had a camp-out scheduled for the Sanlan RV Resort.....and we rescheduled that until the weekend of October 20th.  Joanna works at CVS in Merritt Island and she'll be off for a few days as they've evacuated all the barrier islands including Merritt Island.  David's restaurant Shilo's has also closed for three days....people here are taking this upcoming storm VERY seriously.

In other developments it looks like we might get one of our guest rooms back, as David is in the process of purchasing a home here in Titusville, just a few miles from our digs here in Titus Village.  He's very excited about it, as he should be. He'll be sharing his home with his significant other and their two pooches Jorge and Justice.