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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Camping Reservations, Florida State Parks...Current

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Reservation Number

TypeLocationReservation DetailsTotal Fee:
Balance Due
Reservations: 1-8 of 8▲ Previous | Next ▼
2-34738702 FL
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SiteRainbow Springs State ParkSite: 025Sun Apr 22 2018 - Thu Apr 26 2018 (4 nights)$73.30
2-34798677 FL
See Detail
SiteSuwannee River State ParkSite: 019Thu May 31 2018 - Sun Jun 03 2018 (3 nights)$43.00
2-34813161 FL
See Detail
SiteO'Leno State ParkSite: 004Thu Jul 26 2018 - Sun Jul 29 2018 (3 nights)$36.94
2-34813159 FL
See Detail
SiteSt. Andrews State ParkSite: 105Sun Jul 29 2018 - Wed Aug 01 2018 (3 nights)$53.74
2-34815216 FL
See Detail
SiteRodman CampgroundSite: 47Sun Aug 12 2018 - Thu Aug 16 2018 (4 nights)$55.54
2-34602170 FL
See Detail
SiteFort Clinch State ParkSite: 014Thu Sep 20 2018 - Thu Sep 27 2018 (7 nights)$107.71
2-34726331 FL
See Detail
SiteAnastasia State ParkSite: 096Mon Dec 10 2018 - Fri Dec 14 2018 (4 nights)$68.58
2-34808870 FL
See Detail
SiteLake Kissimmee State ParkSite: 002Tue Feb 05 2019 - Fri Feb 08 2019 (3 nights)$40.30
Other:  National Park System, Fort Pickens, Pensacola...June 3 thru 7, 2018 Loop C site C00006

Monday, March 12, 2018

Dave and Ashley got married today!!

David and Ashley got married today, in a civil ceremony at the Titusville Town Hall.  Here are some snaps and video from the event: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ysgRAKj8dij9Qbn52

Friday, March 02, 2018

Was he ever knocked out!

Between getting "fixed" and having his teeth done he was pretty much looped out....didn't take food or water until this morning, but he woke up cheerful, with appetite and ready for a walk :).  He also wants to lick the surgical area which is not good....trying the coller they gave us but he hates it... We'll go to Petco when it opens in a few hours to see if we can pick up one that's more comfortable for him.

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Moving right along....

So, our Buddy missed his appointment to get fixed and chipped yesterday as he managed to steal 5 Krispy Kreme Raspberry filled glazed donuts...from the middle of the dining room table in a sealed box.  We seem to have gotten through last night with no repeats, so he's off to the vet at 0830.  We'll then head out to the rig in Christmas and turn the power and refrigerator on to cool off, as we're leaving Friday to visit good friends Dean and Joann Paradise on the West Coast....then off to a state park for four night (Lake Manatee State Park).

This will be our first camping outing with Buddy since we found him living free at Stephen Foster Cultural State Park  in White Springs FL last month.  So now we're armed with toys, leashes and leads, and some meds for car-sickness which seems to affect him.  We're hoping his "procedure" this morning doesn't take too much out of him.

update, 4;55pm:  Just got back from the Vet...Buddy has been fixed and chipped, teeth done etc but he's a bit swollen and not comfortable.  The vet said that if he gets any more swollen to call him immediately, so we've had to put off the first part of our jaunt to Joann and Deans :(. and stick around for a few days while he recuperates.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

We didn't make it two years....

Well, we've always had dogs.  When we lost our wonderful Kincaid https://photos.app.goo.gl/6c6R0Pw5YVqx74CT2  on Feb 18th, 2016 both Alice and I decided that was probably it for us.  Then (because living without a dog is hard when you've been blessed with one) we tried to adopt another Cavalier...but that didn't work out.  So, we busied ourself with the Ring Neck Parrot Louie and the two cats (Gwennie and Ginger)...and thought our dog days were behind us.

If you've been following this Blog at all you know about Buddy who's adopted us.  I guess we're really Southerners now that we have a Tennessee Walker Coonhound in residence.  He's adjusting wonderfully and we are too....I'd forgotten  what it was like to share space with a needy, loving and cheerful duck-luck.  Enjoying him immensely!  We are blessed :).

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Moving along with New dog.....

So, I was a little worried about Buddy....slept a good 12 hours last night on the couch, wasn't too interested in eating...Took him outside and he promptly laid down and rested.  I shoud have expected it as he had a zillion shots yesterday and today we started him on flea-tick meds...tomorrow it's Heartworm meds.  Anyway, he got up a while ago, walked into the kitchen and did a great State Park Dog stretch to the middle of a counter and ate the cats food.  We then gave him some dry food mixed with a little canned food and he scoffed that up to :).  We'll have to figure out new cat-feeding arrangements with this hound duck running around....haven't had that issue since the Dalmation Lady who was known to stretch over a counter and eat an eye-round roast.
Ashley's father has been in intensive care...major issues with bleeding ulcers that had him on the Critical List////seems to be coming around now. Alice has been at the hospital with Ashley a lot..
Tonight we have a play here in town...a good comedy we've been looking forward to:The Complete History of America Abridged, TPI II .  

Buddy at home😄

From State Park dog to a home in town....

Moving along with our Buddy....

Well, busy days!  Buddy is acclimating nicely and as I type this he's sound asleep on the Forida Room couch enjoying his new life of domestic tranquility :)..
He's been to the vet, had a zillion shots and was given a good exam.  He (the Vet) thinks he has a stretched shoulder which is causing a small limp....should work itself out.  He's now on Heartworm meds, as well as flea and tick meds.  He'll be "fixed" on the 28th of this month, and while at the Vet will have his teeth cleaned and he'll be micro-chipped.  So, our loose as a goose in a State Park Buddy has entered the world of leashes, shots, and training.  Hope he's not planning his escape! :).

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Stephen Foster Culture State Park in White Springs FL AND....we have a new family member!!

Well, we've been adopted!  Had a nice week up at Stephen Foster Culture State Park in White Springs Fl.  On our 2nd evening there we were visited by a hound....stayed at the edge of the campsite, but with the aid of some cheese got him to get close.  Last night he came back (we were having a pot luck and he smelled the grill going?) and I got a collar on him....but he slipped it.  So, I talked to some campground hosts and they said he (they called him Buddy) had been hanging around the park since around December....they and others were feeding him but the Park Rangers had decided he had to go to the shelter soon if no one took him.  I told them we were interested and they managed to collar him this morning.  Don't know if he ever rode in a motor home before (or a car for that matter) but he did well in both.  He's very nervous and it's going to take some acclimation time.  He's a Walker Coon Hound, and we figure about a year old. VERY affectionate... Tomorrow we'll be making a vet appointment for his shots, getting him fixed etc.  So, we're hoping Buddy is happy here and likes camping :).  I need the walking exercise and this guy will see to it that it happens...he's rescued me.

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Morning musing....

Alice is doing good after the orthopedic surgery on her left knee.  She's had her follow up visit and everything is looking good.  Next week, after we return from our camping jaunt to Stephen Foster Folk Culture State Park she'll have a physical therapy session.  Today we're meeting up with Duane and Nancy and Mel and Dotti and going out to lunch to celebrate Dotti's birthday.  Tonight we have a play "Menopause" at Titusville Playhouse, and then tomorrow early it's off camping for the week.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Alice's surgery Arthroscopy Left Knee

Alice had arthroscopy surgery on her left knee on Friday January 26th and everything seems to be good :)...she's feeling a LOT better than when she went in.  Today we'll hobble over to the Cocoa Village Theater and see 42nd Street....

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Next up: Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park...

Stephen Foster cabinsNext up is Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park from Feb 4th thru Feb 8th (4 nights). There will be some friends from our former Good Sam Chapter meeting us there.  Since the Chapter folded we're camping as much, if not more, but instead of going to commercial (private) campgrounds we find ourselves going to the State and National Parks...and much further afield. Kayaking the Suwannee River by the Spring House

Song  Suwannee River (Old Folks At Home) (from YouTube): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1S0keeGIgcY

Monday, January 15, 2018

New shoes for the pony.....

It seems like we've been running around since dawn.  Went to our tire place in Cocoa, talked to them about our tire issues, and ended up having four new tires installed and all six balanced.  Then we topped off the fuel, and the propane, for our next excursion coming up early February.  Our new modus operandi on tires is this:   FiVE years, not 6 or 6+.  Notation made in the computer calendar on that...

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Big Lagoon State Park, Pensacola Fl, January 2018 -With Robert & Nina Harnish

We went to Big Lagoon State Park in Pensacola Fl leaving Titusville on January 7th.  1st night out we stayed at Tallahassee RV Park on i-10, then we spent four nights at Big Lagoon, leaving there on Friday January 12th for Travelers Campground in Alachua Fl (exit 399 off i-75) where we stayed two nights before heading home to Titusville.
On the way to Alachua we had a right-front blowout on i-10, about 40 miles before the i-75 interchange.  After a fashion we got a tire delivered and installed, and went on our way.....until we noticed a nasty front end vibration.  We had turned onto i-75 at this point and were within 25 miles of our next CG destination, so I slowed down a lot...trying to find a speed that was comfortable for the vibration.  Silly me I thought we were dealing with an unbalanced new front right tire.  We limped into the Travelers Campground, checked in and got set up, and i checked the front of the rig...and found the left front tire had a seriously nasty big balloon...we were VERY lucky it didn't blow, and if it had been warmer it probably would have.  So, the next morning we got a tire repair person out and the left front tire was replaced.

Good friends of ours, Dick and Melanie Baker, live in the Alachua area and they came by and took us out to dinner on Saturday.  It was wonderful seeing them and getting out of the rig for a bit!

Our trip home today was uneventful...thank God!  Total distance covered from here to the end of the Panhandle and back was about 1000 miles.  We love that area and have booked reservations for four nights in June for Fort Pickens National Campground, right on the Gulf....a lot of photos from there are on the following album.

Monday, January 01, 2018

Holiday rant....

New Years rant...

OK, it is January 1st, New Years Day....and personally I'm feeling a bit relieved.  I've never really been a big seasonal holiday person, and the crowds, expectations, disappointments and traditions generally leave me a bit cranky.  So, if I haven't responded instantly to your Christmas and New Years greetings, emails, messages and smoke signals please forgive me.  I promise to be more attentive in the next 364 days as soon as some semblance of sanity returns to my inner self. No one likes being a Grinch, but jeese....