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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Motorhome is GOOD....whew!!! :)

We just got back from Christmas a few hours ago.  The access road to the storage area was clear, and the actual storage was dry with NO issues.  Even the small boats and trailers that had covers were just fine....you'd never knew the wind blew ).

In the meantime, David came over and did some serious trimming on the palms and others plants that took a hit, with Joanna helping.  Things are looking up!

The after-storm loss of adrenaline..

Yesterday was a "lay back and glad we got through" kind of day.  We could do that because we weren't hit that hard....were very fortunate in fact.  About 80% of Titusville is still without power (including our son David & his Ashley and the restaurant he works at, Shilo's).  Since he's off today and younger than us he volunteered to come over later and do some yard clean up.  There are a lot of palm tree
issues and we might lose one totally....lost a hibiscus also, and our large cactus.  These can be replanted and over the long run are not an issue.

More concerning is our motorhome which we store in Christmas Florida off Route 50.  We went out to check it yesterday and the entrance road to the storage area was totally submerged and not passable. We'll go out later this morning and see if anything has changed.