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Reflections on June 8th, 2012:

Moving into the rest of our life………… Over the last several years Alice and I have been “wintering” with our motor-home at a campground i...

Monday, October 12, 2015

Memphis, the musical

From our FB posting:

Robert R. Payette feeling blessed
11 hrsTitusville, FLEdited
Alice and myself just got back home from seeing Memphis The Musical http://henegar.org/shows/memphis-the-musical/ at the Henegar Center for the Arts and we were blown away. What a show! Great acting, the music was superb and it left you clicking your heels feeling good about most everything smile emoticon. They are doing wonderful regional theater there, and it impressed us enough so that I ordered up Main Stage tickets for their upcoming Smokey Joe's Cafe, Nice Work If You Can Get It, and Big Fish. This area is a theatrical treasure...between Titusville PlayhouseMelbourne Civic TheatreThe Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse (CVP)and the Henegar there is such a variety of theatrical offerings so as to make one feel very blessed:).

Memories From The Shoebox, 2

This is our 2nd "From The Shoebox" Google Movie of memories: https://goo.gl/photos/imc2RuhVG7rTdzLp6