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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Mixing and matching technology....works for me!

Yesterday I downloaded and installed Windows 10 on my old Acer Win 7 notebook.  The process went very smooth, everything seems to work (and better) and the old girl isn't chugging as much....seems to like her new brain so to speak.  Just a few months ago we downloaded Google Photo's, which is "cross platform"...works on Windows and shines on IOS, taking all my photo's and putting them in the cloud with free storage, and very good manipulation and editing tools. Lastly, the Apple Watch has not transformed my digital life but I use it, and really like it....especially the phone and text interfaces and the reminder notifications.  So, long story short, in a very brief period of time we've utilized apps from Microsoft, Apple and Google...mixed and matched apps that make my computing life better across platforms.  Not one of those companies does everything I want and need...together and properly paired,  things work.