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Monday, September 28, 2015

Sherlock In Love at the Cocoa Village Playhouse

From the FB page of Robert R. Payette This is an original play and we were only the 4th audience to attend this new production. Alice and myself really enjoyed it....the costuming was superb, the live orchestra and the score excellent and it had a good pace. We thinks this show will have legs! A prior musical he wrote "Build Me Up Buttercup" also premiered at The Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse (CVP) and is now scheduled to open on the West End prior to an all-England tour. Good stuff!!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday morning musing (from a FB post).....on Regional Theater.

Here on the Space Coast we don't have falling leaves in the autumn, but we do have the beginning of our Regional Theater season. Last night it was The Full Monty at Titusville Playhouse and this afternoon it's Sherlock In Love at The Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse (CVP) . Great Regional Theaters all in close proximity makes for happy snow-bird transplants smile emoticon.

The Full Monty at Titusville Playhouse

One of the major differences between a movie and a play is the play is always new and original, especially in the hands of a talented producer.  Artistic Director-producer Steve Heron did a masterful job with the Full Monty. Fantastic Regional theater....we are blessed !

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Love this advancing technology :) IOS 9

After a few hiccups we upgraded the Apple stuff to IOS 9 yesterday (2 tablets and two i-phone's), and was mildly disappointed when the OS2 upgrade for the Apple Watch was postponed due to bugs. Everything seems to work well, but there are differences in functionality between the I-pad2 and I-phone6+. and Alice's i-pad Mini and i-phone 4s.  Alice doesn't "tinker" within the bowels of the OS...does email, uses the Kindle App, plays games....so some of the changes are transparent to her, which is OK.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

September camp-out to Sanlan RV Park in Lakeland FL....with Space Coast Sams Chapter 10

Click this link to view an album from our most recent Space Coast Sam activity....https://goo.gl/photos/v5JQf3WPZuSduxKh7  The photo above is a group shot of our Chapter members who attended this event.

Google Photo's VIDEO clip: https://goo.gl/photos/EqSHjiXzoaEpwKEY9

Thursday, September 03, 2015

September and cool weather, renewed Regional Theater, and our new camping season have arrived!!

Well, it's  finally here (September) and in Florida that means changes are in the air.  Our Regional Theater has either resumed or is starting this month, our Good Sam Chapter www.spacecoastsams.org is resuming its official camping schedule, and we can look forward to it getting cooler in the next several weeks.  This is not to deny the beauty of modern-day Florida summers, with our daily "in and out" thunderstorms and showers that cool down the worst heat excesses.  Not everyone loves it here in the summer (as evidenced by  that long conga line of Snowbirds heading North in April and May) but increasingly many of them (ourselves included) decided to forgo that trip and put down roots here.  It works for us!