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Friday, November 10, 2017

Veterans Day Concert - Melbourne Big Band

Attended the Veterans Day concert at Melbourne Auditorium last night with Mel and Dotti Fringer....excellent performance!

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Post camping group activity......

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Reservation Number
TypeLocationReservation DetailsTotal Fee:
Balance Due
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2-34616638 FL
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SiteTomoka State ParkSite: 097Sun Nov 26 2017 - Thu Nov 30 2017 (4 nights)$60.70
2-34617083 FL
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SiteBig Lagoon State ParkSite: 051Mon Jan 08 2018 - Fri Jan 12 2018 (4 nights)$51.30
2-34619082 FL
See Detail
SiteStephen Foster Folk Culture Center State ParkSite: 029Sun Feb 04 2018 - Thu Feb 08 2018 (4 nights)$50.70
2-34612943 FL
See Detail
SiteLake Manatee State ParkSite: 005Sun Mar 04 2018 - Thu Mar 08 2018 (4 nights)$55.98
2-34602170 FL
See Detail
SiteFort Clinch State ParkSite: 014Thu Sep 20 2018 - Thu Sep 27 2018 (7 nights)$107.71
After the closing up of the Good Sam camping chapter we're trying to move ahead with a camping schedule on our own. We'll start off with the Florida State Parks in November.  In December we've booked into Jetty Park which is operated by the Port of Cape Canaveral.  Some of our friends from the old group will be meeting up with us at some of these campouts.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Wal-Mart online grocery ordering....

walmart grocery pick up coupon code Update after pickup 10/19/17:  Walmart sent me an email at 9:30a saying my order was ready. We had downloaded the App and clicked on "We're on our way" and when we got there they were coming out of the building with our order.  He loaded it nicely in the trunk, answered all my questions, and we were on our way in five minutes.  The eggs were NOT cracked, the bananas were perfect, the frozen food was frozen nicely....and we were given a nice gift basket of stuff that is useful. We definitely will be using this service!!

Original Post:
We do a lot of our grocery and staple shopping at Wal-mart, sharing with Aldi's and Publix and BJ's Warehouse....and yesterday, for the first time, we ordered groceries online with Walmart.

You go to Walmart/grocery and create an account http://r.wmt.co/gMSNg if you don't already have one and pick out what you want to order...i.e., 4 bananas, 1 gal of 2% milk, the various cat foods, pharmacy products...you name it.  You see a complete description of each item with photo's.....so if you search for say toothpaste all the toothpaste they sell scrolls down with pricing and detail.  It actually very civilized...you can do it from a phone, tablet or notebook computer.  After you finish shopping you "check out" and pay for it with your preferred credit card, and set up a "pick up" time at the store.  We're going to pick our up order this morning between 10 and 11 (they'll email me when it's ready, and I'll respond when we're leaving to pick it up).  They load it in the car and off we go to home. The price you pay is the same as if you shopped in the store...no packing fees at all.

This is a "test" for us....I purposely chose some things that will give us an idea on how their packers do.  Eggs, produce, things from pharmacy and frozen foods....a good variety to see how it's packed (are the banana's right, any eggs cracked, how hard is the ice cream?)

I also purposely "added to" the order after we'd closed it out and paid for it.  They let you do that up to 12 hours prior to your scheduled pick-up, and I went in and added about 5 items.  Once you do that it's just another debit hit to your card and the new order is combined with the old....very slick. :).

Most of us have shopped on Amazon and found it to be very seamless, and I think Wal-mart could be onto something with this grocery business.  What we're losing is the extended walk and exercise through the big-box store, the waiting in line, the parking hassles... We'll do our walk outside at the town marina-park area and let Wal-mart pack the groceries.  Could be a win-win!  This is rolling out country-wide...just came to Titusville starting today and we're on it like white on rice :).
Please use this link if you decide to try the service....it will help the starving Payette's of Titusville: http://r.wmt.co/gMSNg


Sunday, October 08, 2017

We just got back in this afternoon from points North....

We spent the last week in Saint Augustine (Stagecoach RV) and Jekyll Island Ga....the Florida part with four couples associated with our former Space Coast Sams Chapter and the Jekyll Island portion with Mel and Dottie Fringer.  Here's a Google Photo's link to my snaps and video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/R6Q7ebbt9ds4EJbD3 .

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Pulling the plug on our camping group, Space Coast Sams effective November 1, 2017

Very sad times.  Yesterday I convened an emergency meeting of our Board of Directors of our Good Sam Chapter Space Coast Sams.  Due to a lot of "perfect storm" events we concluded it was no longer viable to keep the Chapter running, and we voted for dissolution.  Our Wagonmaster lost his rig in a recent tornado (Hurricane Irma), our Treasurer is moving to Atlanta Ga to be closer to family, and we lost more members to health than we can replace.  Time to turn out the lights :(.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

End of September, and our local theater season has started...

Summer is over, but the only changes that are noticeable are a few more out of state licence plates as the early snow-birds start their annual flock.  What IS noticeable is that our local theater season has begun.  Last week it was "Dogfight" at the Henegar, and this weekend it's The Adams Family Musical on Saturday (Titusville Playhouse) and Beauty and the Beast at Cocoa Village.

We have several very good community theaters in our Titusville area and feel very blessed.