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Monday, March 12, 2018

Dave and Ashley got married today!!

David and Ashley got married today, in a civil ceremony at the Titusville Town Hall.  Here are some snaps and video from the event: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ysgRAKj8dij9Qbn52

Friday, March 02, 2018

Was he ever knocked out!

Between getting "fixed" and having his teeth done he was pretty much looped out....didn't take food or water until this morning, but he woke up cheerful, with appetite and ready for a walk :).  He also wants to lick the surgical area which is not good....trying the coller they gave us but he hates it... We'll go to Petco when it opens in a few hours to see if we can pick up one that's more comfortable for him.

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Moving right along....

So, our Buddy missed his appointment to get fixed and chipped yesterday as he managed to steal 5 Krispy Kreme Raspberry filled glazed donuts...from the middle of the dining room table in a sealed box.  We seem to have gotten through last night with no repeats, so he's off to the vet at 0830.  We'll then head out to the rig in Christmas and turn the power and refrigerator on to cool off, as we're leaving Friday to visit good friends Dean and Joann Paradise on the West Coast....then off to a state park for four night (Lake Manatee State Park).

This will be our first camping outing with Buddy since we found him living free at Stephen Foster Cultural State Park  in White Springs FL last month.  So now we're armed with toys, leashes and leads, and some meds for car-sickness which seems to affect him.  We're hoping his "procedure" this morning doesn't take too much out of him.

update, 4;55pm:  Just got back from the Vet...Buddy has been fixed and chipped, teeth done etc but he's a bit swollen and not comfortable.  The vet said that if he gets any more swollen to call him immediately, so we've had to put off the first part of our jaunt to Joann and Deans :(. and stick around for a few days while he recuperates.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

We didn't make it two years....

Well, we've always had dogs.  When we lost our wonderful Kincaid https://photos.app.goo.gl/6c6R0Pw5YVqx74CT2  on Feb 18th, 2016 both Alice and I decided that was probably it for us.  Then (because living without a dog is hard when you've been blessed with one) we tried to adopt another Cavalier...but that didn't work out.  So, we busied ourself with the Ring Neck Parrot Louie and the two cats (Gwennie and Ginger)...and thought our dog days were behind us.

If you've been following this Blog at all you know about Buddy who's adopted us.  I guess we're really Southerners now that we have a Tennessee Walker Coonhound in residence.  He's adjusting wonderfully and we are too....I'd forgotten  what it was like to share space with a needy, loving and cheerful duck-luck.  Enjoying him immensely!  We are blessed :).